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Zodiac Phenyl(1) Column

Zodiac Phenyl(1) Column


Zodiac Phenyl (1) reduced retention for very fast separations. Best selectivity and peak symmetry, best use for aromatic and polar compounds employing ultra pure, higher stability silica with unique bonding technology. Zodiac Phenyl (1) columns are exceptionally designed to ensure maximum performance. It contains carbon load of about 8.0% which gives positively reduced retention which in-turn leads to very fast separation without any effect on selectivity and peak symmetry.

  The silica phase packing and end capping of column is completely controlled, that ensures column-to-column reproducibility. The uniform ultra pure silica particles have optimal surface area of 200m2/g. Zodiac Phenyl (1) columns show great selectivity and peak symmetry with a favorable low retention for separation of aromatic, polar compounds and difficult pharmaceuticals.

  The pi-pi interactions in the phenyl stationary phase influence the solute pi electrons which causes ultimate separation of the compounds. The column exhibits good stability in a pH range between 1.5 and 8.0 pH. The column comes with protective end-capping for a better peak without tailing and high durability of column.


Technical Details                                                                                                           


Silica type

: Spherical 

Silica Purity

: 99.999%

Carbon Load

: 7.4%

Surface Area 

: 200m2/gram

Pore Size  

: 190 A 

PH Range   

: 1.5-8

Particle size : 3um, 3.5um, 5um and 10um












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