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Zodiac C8 Column

Zodiac C8 Column


Zodiac C8, An excellent resolution for critical separations, faster analysis compared to C18 increased selectivity, exceptional reproducibility. Zodiac C8 is an admirable choice for separations that need marginally more polar phase than C18. The high surface area that is about 440m2/g in Zodiac C8 column provides additional resolution to polar phase. Zodiac C8 column is less hydrophobic column with high surface area, optimal carbon load and unique bonded silica packing.

This column is ideal choice when analytical laboratories need extra selectivity and more speed than the C18 column. The superior resolution of Zodiac C8 yields out and out separation first time, speeding up method development and validation. These columns are highly stable and produce ever reliable results with an extended column life.

The column comes with protective end-capping for a better peak without tailing and high durability of column. Faster, sharp and reproducible responses are definitely possible with Zodiac C8 columns. Column packing sustains any pH range between 1.5 and 10 for longer periods due to the highly innovative bonding technology.


Technical Details                                                                                         

Silica type  : Spherical
Silica Purity    : 99.999 %
Carbon Load  : 15 %
Surface Area   : 440 m2/gram
Pore Size : 100 A
PH Range : 1.5-10
Particle size   : 3um, 3.5um, 5um and 10um
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