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GRS-CW GC Capillary Column

GRS-CW Capillary Column

GRS-CW is the GRS designations for an ethylene glycol/siloxane copolymer. This polymer can be used to separate compounds at temperatures not normally associated with polyethylene glycol (PEG, Carbowax™) phases. Both the lower and upper temperature limits of traditional Carbowax type columns are extended with this phase.

In addition, GRS offers a modified version of the GRS-CW phase, designated BTR-CW, which incorporates an anti-oxidant moiety to better withstand oxygen degradation. The BTR-CW phase offers increased thermal stability and longer column lifetimes. See additional information below.

The hydrogen bonding interactions of the GRS-CW and BTR-CW phases makes them well suited for the analysis of polar compounds such as solvents, flavors, perfumes, and essential oils. These phases are not recommended for the analysis of mixtures containing silylating reagents.

  • Bonded and crosslinked
  • Moderately polar
  • Comparable to Carbowax 20M™*
  • Similar phases: DB-Wax, Stabilwax, AT-Wax, HP-20M, HP-Innowax, Supelcowax-10, BP-20, CPWax-52CB
  • USP Phase Specification: G16


film thickness temperature range
up to 1.0µm 20° C to 280° C
2.0 to 5.0µm up to 240°C


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