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GRS - 1 GC Capillary Column

GRS-1 GC Capillary Column

The non-polar GRS-1 dimethylpolysiloxane phase, which separates compounds according to boiling point, is probably the most frequently used phase type in GC. Bonding and crosslinking this general purpose GC phase increases the resistance to degradation by rinsing, large solvent injections and the deposition of non-volatiles. The GRS-1 phase offers excellent efficiency and thermal stability. In addition, this non-polar phase is less susceptible to oxidation and hydrolysis than phases incorporating more polar functional groups.

  • Bonded and Crosslinked
  • Non polar
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Comparable to: SE-30, OV-1, OV-101
  • Similar phases: DB-1, Rtx -1, HP-1, Ultra-1, SPB-1, CPSil-5CB, AT-1, BP-1, DB-Petro, DB-2887, RTx-PONA, RTx-2887, HP-PONA, Petrocol-DH, Petrocol-2887, CP-SimDist-CB, At-Petro
  • USP Phase Specification: G1, G2
film thickness temperature range
up to 1.0µm -50° C to 350° C
2.0 to 5.0µm up to 300° C
6.0 to 8.0µm up to 280° C
9.0 to 12.0µm up to 240° C
12.0µm and above up to 200° C
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